Google Calendar Not Syncing – How To Fix It On Android

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is used by many people especially to sync their personal and business calendars together, but sometimes it just doesn’t sync up and it can get very frustrating. When you’re syncing, the primary calendar is the very first one you created, unless you change this in settings.

We’ll walk you through how to fix Google Calendar not syncing on Android so you don’t get stuck next time you’re trying to figure out your schedule for the day.

Fix Google Calendar not syncing on Android

Check that Google Calendar and Calendar app are syncing

You can do this from your computer or laptop together with your Android device so that you’re looking at both while fixing the syncing problem. To do this:

  • Open Google Calendar app on your Android device
  • Tap the burger menu at the upper left side of the screen
  • Now tap Settings (gear icon)
  • Check for Calendar. If it isn’t listed or the calendar isn’t displaying, tap Show More

At the top of the page on the calendar, you’ll see “sync” (it should be in blue). This isn’t for your primary calendar, because by default, the primary one is called “Events” unless you change it

Wait for the sync to happen between a few minutes or 24 hours, sometimes it may take longer. You can also restart your phone and see if the sync happens any faster.

Enable Calendar

As easy as it sounds, sometimes the app could have been turned off by accident. To turn it on:

  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Tap Apps or Apps & Notifications
  • Now tap App Info
  • Scroll to the upper right of the device
  • Tap More>Show system>Calendar storage

Check the Android device’s storage

When you find Google Calendar not syncing, it could be your phone’s storage is insufficient. You can check from Settings>Storage and clear up some space like delete unnecessary apps or photos that you don’t need any more.

Clear Calendar app data

Cached data or app data can cause loss on unsynced data. If you can’t see information on an event on Google Calendar from your computer, it’ll be wiped out. Try these steps as a last resort:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Apps or Apps & Notifications
  • Now tap App Info
  • Select Calendar
  • Tap Storage>Clear Data and tap OK
  • Check for Calendar Storage from the list and clear its data
  • Turn off the Android device and restart it

Sync with Outlook or Apple Calendar

If you’re using another program to view your Google Calendar events from, like Outlook or Apple Calendar, the setup is different when it comes to syncing both calendars.

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