Samsung Risks Galaxy Smartphone Cancellation

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 looks fantastic, and it’s going to give Apple’s ugly new iPhones, as Forbes calls them, a run for their money. Gordon Kelly notes that Samsung seems to be “blowing it.”

Speaking to the Korean Herald, it’s been reported that a Samsung Official has confessed that the tech giant is not close to resolving the problems which made them pull the radical Galaxy Fold sale in April.

No progress since April 

According to Forbes, “Nothing has progressed since the April delay,” the official explained.

This is shocking considering that not too long ago, the company revealed that the radical screen-folding smartphone would be on sale before the end of May. After that, there was no news on the matter until now.

Forbes’ Kelly notes that “while the jokes have already started, the reality is the news is bad for everyone, regardless of which brand you prefer.”

The author continued and said that “Had Samsung hit a home run, the Galaxy Fold would’ve proved an inspiration for every manufacturer to step up and fast track this futuristic form factor.”

On the other hand, now fear is spreading, and it’s most likely that the game-changing form factor has probably suffered a setback that is going to be felt for more years to come, according to the same online publication.

All eyes on Apple

They also note that no one expects first-gen devices to be perfect, but they do have to start somewhere, and at the moment, no one can tell when they will come again.

The conclusion is that if Samsung doesn’t quickly do something to up the game, it seems that the enormous expectations will be falling on Apple.

The tech giant made it very clear that they are working on a folding iPhone, but the timescale is not known so far.

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