Factory reset your Chromecast

Unlike resetting Chrome, a factory reset on Chromecast won’t cause any loss in data, but you’ll be required to set up Chromecast all over again. To do this:

  • Don’t unplug Chromecast
  • Hold down the button at the back for about half a minute
  • The TV screen will be blank and the reset will start. Once complete, set up all over again. You can use a different device other than the phone or computer you used previously just to rule out any issues related to devices

What to do when Chromecast turns off or blacks out

If the device suddenly goes off, periodically blacks out, or reboots frequently, it could be a power supply issue. The device is usually powered by a USB cable, which if plugged into the TV can cause power issues more than saving on cables.

Why this happens is because the power supply to the USB ports is cut short if you turn your television off, so Chromecast restarts each time your TV is off. If your TV set is the cheaper type, the USB ports may be unstable or poorly configured.

Unplug the USB cable from the TV and plug into the wall charger to resolve this problem, or if you don’t have a wall charger, you can buy one or try an old phone charger.