Google Play Store Update Brings Critical Bug Fixes

All Android owners know that the most important source for downloading games and apps for their smartphones is the Google Play Store. Google is really serious when it comes to updates for its users, and this means that the Play Store is getting updated all the time.

These updates usually come with enhancements for the overall performance and most importantly, bug fixes.

The latest Google update targeting the Play Store is version 15.2.28.

Play Store maintenance 

The company releases updates for a number of apps in order to protect Android devices.

This means that the Play Store always has to be safe for users and more than that, the tech giant also has to make sure that they remove as quickly as possible all the dangerous apps from it.

Speaking of such apps, you may recall that we’re recently reported that there have been some Google Play Store apps that could have broken your device.

“While another recent threat saw 50 malware-filled apps on the Google Play Store infect over 30million Android devices,” according to the latest reports coming from

Android fans have been warned about hundreds of apps that have been located in the store and could break phones.

Security experts from Lookout have discovered about 238 such apps that were hosted by the Google Play Store and made some Android phones almost unusable. They have been removed.

The latest update for the store is a priority 

This update comes after so many malicious apps have been found in the Google Play Store. It brings a bunch of bug fixes and also enhanced the overall performance.

The UI will be faster and snappier in order for users to be able to enjoy great UX.

The new Material Themed UI has been upgraded and improved as well.

Even if this update seems minor, it’s essential that you install it in order to enjoy the best possible experience with the Google Play Store. You can also download it manually from a trusted source.

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