Fix Unplug Charger Message on Google Pixel Phone

Unplug Charger

When you get the “unplug charger” message on your Google Pixel phone, it could mean one of two things: either the charging cable or the USB-C port is heating up too much. This causes the screen to display a warning message asking you to unplug your charger.

We’ll show you how to resolve this issue using a few methods below. You can try either one or all of them and see which one works for you.

How to fix Unplug Charger message on Google Pixel phone

Unplug charger from the wall and then from your phone

To do this step, you need to be careful because the cable you’re using to charge the Pixel phone could be very warm or hot. Unplug the power adapter from the wall if the phone is charging and let the phone sit for a few minutes to cool down. Disconnect the cable from the Pixel phone.

Check the charging cable and USB-C port

Don’t put anything into the cable or ports but look for moisture or debris that could have gotten stuck in there. If the port or the cable are wet, turn the phone off and set it to dry on a flat surface at room temperature. If there’s debris inside, tap the Pixel phone gently against your hand, with the port facing down to remove.

If the port looks clean, turn the phone off and let the phone sit for some few minutes so it can cool down before you can turn it back on again. If the port seems damaged, maybe its corroded, melted, or burned, you can check with Google how to file a warranty claim if you bought the phone from Google Store, or fixed out of warranty if you bought elsewhere.

For the charging cable, if it looks damaged and it came in the box with the Pixel phone, go to Google Store and get a replacement cable, especially if its severely damaged.

Contact Google if the phone is too hot to touch, and use a different computer, tab, or phone to get in touch with their support team. In case the Unplug Charger message shows up multiple times, contact Google support.

Let us know what worked for you by leaving a comment in the section below.

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