Waze Gets Boosted With One Of The Best Features Of Google Maps: Google Assistant

Over the past years, Google has been adding lots of features to Google Maps that made the other navigation app, Waze so popular.

But this doesn’t mean under any circumstance that Waze was neglected and got overlooked. Not at all, because the tech giant has just revealed that there’s a brand new feature for Waze, one that could enhance the navigation experience even more: Google Assistant, as reported by BGR.

Waze has been such a popular app due to its crowd-sourced traffic data that can make a whole difference while you are driving.

Now, with the help of useful Google Assistant support that has been built into Waze, users will have the chance to do a lot more without touching the screen.

You’ll be able to do a lot with your voice 

Users will be able to search for places along their route and add stops along the way just by using their voice, according to Google which released official info via a blog post.

Users will also be able to play music, make calls, message friends and more and all you will have to do is say the correct command to the Assistant.

“Waze helps you beat traffic, while the Assistant lets you play music and podcasts, message your friends and call your family hands-free—without ever leaving the navigation screen,” according to the blog post.

A thing that’s even more exciting is that Google Assistant works with the crowd-sourced features that Waze has.

Users will get the ability to report traffic and potholes just by voice and even search for additional routes.

Here’s what Google says in their official blog post:

“Just say “Hey Google, report traffic” or “Hey Google, avoid tolls” when navigating with Waze and your Google Assistant will help keep you connected, informed and minimize distractions while you’re on the go, so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.”

We recommend that you read the complete blog post.

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