Microsoft Unveils Xbox Scarlett At E3 2019

Xbox E3 2019 press conference brought the much-awaited official announcement of the next gen of Xbox consoles. For now, the project is reportedly codenamed Scarlett, and it has a release window of Holiday 2020.

It will coincide with the release of the highly-anticipated Halo Infinite which received a new trailer during the press conference, but that game will not have too much info floating around it until 2020.

Gamespot writes that there are still lots of details that are not clear about Scarlett: its looks, price tag, and more.

Microsoft addresses specs and hardware features 

Microsoft, on the other hand, made sure to address the specs and hardware features and it’s going to be a huge step from the current Xbox One, that’s for sure.

According to the company, it’s four times as powerful as the Xbox One X and it comes with an SSD and components that are reportedly capable of 8K and 120 FPS.

More than that, the online publication writes that load times should be much faster and more enhancements are implemented in this next-gen hardware.

The magazine also wrote that “There are rumors of other Xbox consoles under the codenames “Anaconda” and “Lockhart” as well, which could pave the way for Microsoft to mimic the Xbox One S and X setup of the current generation.”

It’s also interesting to note that in the past there used to be hidden messages in the pre-E3 videos which have been teasing Project Scorpio which eventually turned out to be the Xbox One X.

The E3 is an incredibly exciting event and all kinds of rumors and leaks keep flooding the web.

If we were to judge how the E3 conference will be based on all the suggestions and confirmations flooding the tech space about numerous new games, it’s probably safe to say that it would be quite a busy event.

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