Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Overheating Issues

samsung galaxy s10 overheating

If you’re one of the users with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus overheating issues, the problem isn’t just with your device as many others have reported the same problem with their phones. Overheating isn’t a small problem, in fact, it should be looked into urgently as it may cause severe damage to your phone or even injury to you if not dealt with, as in the case of the Note 7.

While it is normal for the phone to get warm if using it on full resolution or while its charging, using it when both these are on together can lead to overheating. If it heats up abnormally, turn it off. Similarly, if it overheats while charging, switch it off and disconnect from the charger.

However, there are few things you can try and see if it stops overheating.

What To Do About Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Overheating Issues

Close any apps running in the background

When there are many apps running in the background, they tend to use up a lot of your phone’s resources. Instead of tapping the Home key and thinking this will close your apps altogether, go to the recent key and tap Close all. This will close all the apps at once and your device will stop overheating.

Use the default resolution

By default, your Galaxy S10 Plus uses the 2280×1080 resolution, which is the optimal. Using the highest resolution on your phone will make it heat up pretty fast, and together with how you use the phone, you could find it overheating and you won’t enjoy using it. The longer the phone’s screen stays on with the highest resolution level, there’s a higher likelihood of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus overheating, especially with gaming.

Don’t shoot long 4K videos

Shooting long 4K videos causes the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to overheat especially near the volume buttons, as they heat up faster than other areas on the device. It may take a few minutes for the device to cool down, so try not to shoot these kinds of videos.

Don’t use the phone while it’s charging

As your phone is charging, its charger is emitting heat and the battery tends to heat up as it charges. If for example your phone is set to full resolution and you’re playing a heavy game while the phone charges, its bound to overheat. Let it run the course of its charging and when it is full or has enough juice, you can use it.

If all else fails, take it to an expert repair shop for further assistance.

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