Android Critical Warning: Google Play Store Apps Can Break Your Phone

There’s another issue related to the Google Play Store these days. Android owners were alerted just a couple of days ago that some Google Play Store apps can break their devices.

Users have been warned about hundreds of applications that have been found in the store which have the potential of breaking phones.

Almost 300 malicious apps in the Google Play Store 

Everyone knows that Android is one of the most used pieces of software on the planet, and there are more than two billion devices each month, which are running the Google mobile OS.

This popular operating system is definitely no stranger to security alerts, and a number of apps from the store have been sparking threats on Android.

“While another recent threat saw 50 malware-filled apps on the Google Play Store infect over 30million Android devices,” according to the latest reports coming from

Now, it seems that Android fans are warned about hundreds of apps that have been located in the store and have the ability to break phones.

Security experts from Lookout have discovered about 238 such apps that were hosted by the Google Play Store and made some Android phones almost unusable.

The malicious apps have been removed 

The online publication mentioned above also notes that “The apps were loaded with the BeiTaPlugin adware, and in total the Android programs were installed more than 440million times.”

In a post online, Lookout’s Kristina Balaam said: “Lookout has discovered 238 unique applications that include BeiTaPlugin, adware that renders a mobile device nearly unusable, in the Google Play Store.”

According to the online publication mentioned above, Lookout reported the malicious functionality to Google and the BeiTaPlugin has now been removed from all the affected apps on the Play store.

In other news, the Google Play Store Update with the number 15.2.38 is vital because it brings bug fixes and will eliminate lagging and glitches. Make sure to get the update as soon as possible.

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