Shareit 4.8.28 Rolled Out With New Features and Improvements

When we look at Smartphone Technology, its evolution is excellent since the last years. The best examples are with the speeds and the methods of File Sharing between two Android smartphones. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember those times when files were transferred from a device to another via Bluetooth or NFC. Those times are gone now because we are having more and faster methods for file transfer. For satisfying these needs, you can try Shareit, Firefox Send, and many more apps.

Shareit 4.8.28 Comes With New Features and Improvements

The Shareit App is receiving a new update with the new Shareit 4.8.28 version, and it comes with new features and essential fixes for some bugs. If you don’t know many things about Shareit, stay with us, and you’ll find out. Shareit is like a Cross-Platform File and Data Sharing App. Users can transfer file of any kind for free. The app is getting regularly updated, so users are having even an accessible mode for them to see the most popular videos on the Internet. This available mode was added in the previous update of the app, but now the new update comes with good news for gamers.

Fans of games and players give a good look at Shareit 4.8.28 as games can be sent through the app. No need of sending the APK or OBB separately, note that. To be more explicit, we can take an example. You can send a game such as PUBG Mobile, or Fortnite, or anything that comes from an Android device, with the APK and OBB included. In the previous version of Shareit, for game transfers, the APK was needed to be sent separately.

Finally, the latest Shareit 4.8.28 update comes with important bug fixes reported in the previous version, and the crash of the app which appeared during files transfers from Android to iOS have been solved.

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