WhatsApp Keeps Crashing – Here’s How To Fix It

WhatsApp Keeps Crashing

With more than one billion users on the WhatsApp platform today, there’s bound to be several issues like WhatsApp keeps crashing among others reported every day. Despite the recent threat that saw the platform’s users panic over whether or not their information leaked to some secret online hackers and snoops, it’s more important to know what to do when a problem strikes.

With WhatsApp, users are able to share media like text, calls, videos, stories and files conveniently, while creating groups to stay connected with friends and family.

When the app keeps crashing on your device, you can resolve it using the fixes below.

Fix WhatsApp keeps crashing

Update WhatsApp

If your WhatsApp keeps crashing on your device, it could be as a result of bugs or compatibility issues so you’re better off updating it to avoid such issues. Updates come with critical bug fixes or important patches that are known to resolve any issues that arise. To do this:

·         Open Google Play Store on your device

·         Tap the three lines icon

·         Now tap My Apps & Games

·         You’ll see a list of all apps that need updating. Tap Update All

Clear WhatsApp Cache and Data

To do this:

·         Open Settings>Apps>tap App Manager

·         Tap WhatsApp

·         Now tap Storage>Clear cache

·         Tap Clear data and then tap Clear

Reinstall WhatsApp

This is a popular fix that helps when WhatsApp crashes. It requires uninstalling the app and then downloading and reinstalling it from Google Play Store.  Not only does it fix the problem, but you also get the latest version of the app.

Free up space on your phone

If your phone is full, WhatsApp can keep crashing because it requires sufficient space to run properly. Delete any unused apps or those you don’t need any more to free up storage and resolve the problem.

Restart your device

If WhatsApp keeps crashing, try a restart of your device. This helps to tackle crashing or freezing of apps. Depending on your device, press down the power button and tap Restart and then try to run WhatsApp again.

Did any of these fixes work? Share with us in a comment below.

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