How To Make Chrome Show Your Saved Passwords

Google Chrome, like most other modern browsers, has the option to store your saved passwords so that you don’t have to struggle trying to remember each for every site you visit and log in. it simply prepopulates the passwords whenever you need them.

This saves you time that you’d otherwise have spent in typing, remembering passwords, and makes it easier to authenticate your sign in without trying to recall each password.

However, the fact that Chrome stores such sensitive data can make it inconvenient sometimes, as you can easily forget your password knowing the browser will enter it for you. But there’s a way to make Chrome show your saved passwords when you really need it to.

How to view saved passwords

You can view saved passwords in Chrome from different devices like laptops, desktops, Android, or iOS devices. We’ll show you how in the steps below.

Laptops and Desktops

  • Open Chrome
  • Click Menu (three vertical dots at the top-right side)
  • Select Settings from drop down menu or enter chrome://settings in the address bar instead
  • Click Passwords (under People section). A list of passwords will be shown, with its accompanying username and website. By default, they’re hidden and dots replace the actual characters.
  • Now click the eye icon on the right of the specific password you want to view
  • Enter the operating system’s username and password
  • Once it authenticates you, the password will be displayed in clear text. You can click the eye icon to hide it again

Android and iOS

  • Open Chrome browser app
  • Tap Menu (three vertical dots at the top right side on Android or lower right on iOS)
  • Select Settings
  • From the list of saved passwords, pick the one you want to view next to its corresponding username and website
  • Tap the series of dots once and select Show button
  • Enter your device passcode or authenticate your Face ID or fingerprint
  • The password will now be shown in clear text. Tap Password or choose Hide to mask it again

Were you able to successfully retrieve your password from Chrome using the steps above? Let us know in a comment below.

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