Google Play Store 15.2.38 Update is Now Available to Download for All Android-Powered Smartphones

What is the service that all Android fans access when they want to download a new app or game? Google Play Store is the answer to that question. Google Play Store is the world’s biggest app and mobile library and this is why Android fans love using it so much. Considering the fact that the Google Play Store is so important to the premium user experience that the Android operating system offers, then it should come as no surprise that Google is updating it every single day.

New Google Play Store Update

If you enjoy using the Google Play Store in order to access millions of apps and mobile games, then we have some amazing news to share with you. The Android parent has released a brand-new update for the Google Play Store and it starts rolling out via Google’s official OTA (over the air) channels today with the 15.2.38 version number.

Therefore, we are advising all Android fans to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network in order to download the new update as soon as it appears in their notifications panel. However, there is an alternative way to download the new update.

APK Release

Since this is Google we are talking about, then it shouldn’t shock anyone to find out that the new update has also been released in the form of APK. This is a special type of update format and the APK acronym stands for “Android Package Kit”. This means that all APK releases are exclusive to Android-powered smartphones.

What makes this type of updates special is the fact that Android fans can manually download and install them on their smartphones whenever they want, without having to wait for them to arrive via the official OTA (over the air) channels like everyone else

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