Watch Dogs Legion Confirmed To Be Announced At The E3 2019

The upcoming E3 2019 gaming conference is highly anticipated and will bring numerous surprising announcements. However, various leaks before the event shed some light on the rumored items, so people sometimes know what to expect. Recently, Ubisoft has confirmed a recent rumor regarding its upcoming Watch Dog Legion. The game studio has announced that the title will be unveiled a the E3 event of this year.

The official Watch Dogs Legion Twitter account, which is now entirely branded for the game and named ‘Watch Dogs Legion,’ uploaded an enigmatic teaser containing a new logo. Alongside the short video were the words “God Save the NPCs. Reveal at E3. #WatchDogLegion #UbiE3.”

The unveil is coming just a day after a leak which stated that the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion would be taking place in a ‘near-future, dystopian version of London.’

Watch Dogs Legion Confirmed To Be Announced At The E3 2019

The ‘God Save the NPCs’ phrase from the tweet mentioned above is similar to the leak, which stated that players will be enabled to take on the role of any NPC they meet and that players will see different things at various points in the gameplay, and it all depends on the NPC the gamer is playing as.

The upcoming Watch Dogs Legion will be the next addition to the Watch Dogs series that had its last game entry back in 2016. The 2016 Watch Dogs game was placed in San Francisco. As numerous game reviews said, the adaptable hacking in open tasks gives Watch Dogs two a unique style and a different experience, although its story is in conflict with its violence.

Fans won’t have to wait for long to see the new Watch Dogs Legion as Ubisoft will be holding its E3 2019 press conference on Monday, June the 10th at 12.30 p.m. PT (3.30 p.m. ET and 8.30 p.m. BST).

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