How To Make A Slow Android Phone Faster

Slow Android Phone

Unlike a new Android phone that gets everything you want done in a jiffy, a slow Android phone can be quite a drag. What you’d do in a few minutes like sending emails with attachments, browsing the internet, streaming videos or downloading files is now done at a snail’s pace.

This doesn’t mean you should get a new one; you can actually make your slow Android phone faster and revive it again (though not exactly to the new state you bought it).

Tips to Make a Slow Android Phone Work Faster

Uninstall large apps

Android apps come in different sizes, but each of them have corresponding updates that can cause the app to take up a lot of space on your Android phone, making it work slower than it did when new. This is because apps and their updates are built on the latest technology, including processors, to deliver the best performance, so they end up using higher memory when working with older processors causing the device to lag.

You can skip the less important updates or find a lighter (lite) alternative for the app to free up memory.

Check the apps in your phone

Most people download many apps to their phones, but hardly use all of them. You can almost tell the top 5 apps you use every day, and the ones you use least or have never looked at. A lot of these still reside in your device’s memory, resulting in a slow Android phone.

Uninstall any apps that you’re not using or that you don’t need to reclaim internal storage and make your phone work faster.

Restart your phone periodically

Everyone deserves to rest, so does your phone. If it goes without sleep, it can start lagging in performance, so give it its share of a fresh start.

Restart your slow Android phone once in a while or schedule restarts at night or when you’re not busy and you’ll see its performance improve.

Analyze OTA updates

OTA updates pave the way for some awesome features to your phone, but not all of them are optimized. Sometimes OTAs, especially first ones, can hog memory and cause sluggish performance.

Don’t skip updates, especially critical ones or important security patches. Just know which ones to download and which ones to ignore.

Clear junk files

Whenever you uninstall an app, you may think everything related to it is deleted too. However, there are files and folders left behind by the app, which sit and occupy storage. Get rid of the junk files to improve your phone’s speed and performance.

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