iPad Tablets Gained Mouse Support Via iPadOS

Finally, we can say that Apple is answering to all the people that had put hopes and dreams for mouse support on the iPad tablets. Apple is bringing the new iPadOS that gives you the possibility to connect a USB mouse or an Apple Magic Trackpad.

The discovery was made by Steve Troughton-Smith from a beta that went live. He posted on Twitter that the mouse support will come on iOS 13 and that it’s more an AssistiveTouch feature that works with USB.

For now, the mouse support will be available through an AssistiveTouch feature. We don’t know yet if the OS will support even Bluetooth mice or just USB mice, but in the Pointing Devices Settings, there is a Bluetooth device section. Also, the cursor will look like a large circle, but you will have a cursor option too in the menu.

iPad Tablets Gained Mouse Support Via iPadOS

Besides this, the mouse feature is working with trackpads and traditional mice so that you can customize your commands for your mouse as well. A new Context Menus was added in iOS 13, and you will see more controls for the 3D Touch, such as on a photo or other object. Even if the submenus are adding more complexity, you can turn them for the best equivalent for iOS.

Also, adding this new feature, it’s welcomed for everyone. Except for the accessibility standpoint, the fact that a lot of people use their iPads tablets for work, for creating things, is giving them a boost. A faster work can be done with the help of a mouse than with the touchpad or the Apple Pencil. We can only hope that this mouse features will be more and more implemented in the iPads, alongside with iPadOS and even external storage options.

Finally, the mouse support for iPad can bring a lot of excitement through users, and Apple’s tablet will have more success than ever.

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