Pixel Phone Restarting or Crashing – Here’s The Fix

Pixel Phone Restarting or Crashing

Is your Pixel Phone restarting or crashing randomly? Perhaps it restarts, reboots, or shuts down without restarting? It is probably stuck in bootloop, but there are fixes for these issues.

How to Fix Pixel Phone Restarting or Crashing

Check for system updates

System updates come with critical patches or improvements that can fix your Pixel phone from randomly restarting or rebooting. To do this:

  • Open Settings on your Pixel phone
  • Tap System
  • Now tap Advanced>System update
  • Now tap About phone and check the update status and then follow on-screen prompts

Check your phone’s storage and free up space

If your Pixel phone’s internal storage is full or almost there, you can free it up so that the phone works properly by removing unwanted files and clearing the cached data. To check storage, do this:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Storage
  • Check how much storage you have. If it’s less than 10 percent, the phone can have issues.

Check for updates

App updates, like system updates also contain critical improvements or patches that can resolve the random restart or rebooting problem in Pixel phone. To get app updates, do this:

  • Open Play Store
  • Tap Menu
  • Now tap My apps and games
  • Find apps labeled Update, and tap the Update button or Update all if more updates are available

Close unused apps

Generally, you don’t have to close apps as Android system manages the memory the apps are using. To shut down an app or any of its related background services, do this:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Apps & Notifications>the app
  • You can tap App info before tapping the app
  • Tap Force Stop

If you want to see apps that cause issues, note down all the apps you force stop and see if there’s a particular one that causes Pixel phone restarting or crashing.

In order to see whether an app you downloaded is the cause, restart the Pixel phone in safe mode as this turns off all downloaded apps temporarily. To restart in safe mode, do this:

  • Press and hold down the Pixel phone’s power button
  • Touch and hold Power off
  • Tap OK
  • Safe mode will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. If the issue goes away, the problem is likely with a downloaded app. Exit safe mode and restart the phone and uninstall any apps you downloaded recently then restart the device and check if it helps.

Remove external batteries and cases, and make sure none of the phone accessories cover your phone’s sensors or touch its buttons.

Reset to factory settings

A factory data reset removes all data from your Pixel phone. Back up the phone before you perform a factory reset.

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