How To Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode

google chrome dark mode

Google Chrome dark mode is a built-in feature for the Chrome 74 release instead of having a dark mode toggle. If you’re on Windows 10, Chrome is following the overall app mode in the operating system, but you can forcibly enable it.

This article will show you how to enable Google Chrome’s Dark mode in Windows 10 and force enable it as well.

Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode on Windows 10

To do this:

  • Open Settings>Personalization>Colors
  • Under Choose your default app mode, select Dark

You can also launch Chrome with Force Dark Mode option if you want to use Windows 10 in light mode and Chrome in dark mode.

Force-enable Dark Mode

A built-in option in Chrome allows you to forcibly enable dark mode, even when the system-wide dark mode feature isn’t working. This also forces Chrome to go into dark mode even if the default app mode in Windows 10 is set to “light”.

To activate dark mode, go to the shortcut you use to open chrome (taskbar or desktop), and do this:

  • Right click the Chrome shortcut
  • Select Properties
  • If you’re using the taskbar, right click Chrome icon on the taskbar and select Properties
  • Towards the end of the Target box, add a space and then force-dark-mode. It’ll look like this: C:\Program Files (x86) \Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe –-force—dark—mode

It may look different on your system if you installed Chrome to a different location. Save your changes by clicking OK, and launch Chrome from the shortcut. If Chrome is open, close it and relaunch again and launch it from the shortcut.

The new Chrome dark mode theme is now activated, though it won’t look similar to incognito mode in Chrome.

Enable Chrome dark mode with theme

You can install a dark mode theme for Google Chrome if you don’t want to change it using the above settings. Google’s official theme collection for Chrome is available in the Chrome Web Store, and you can find and install the Just Black theme.

This theme is darker than the Google Chrome Dark mode built-in theme in Windows 10, so you may like it more if you want a darker browser. Several other themes are available for you to install too.

Did you manage to install Google Chrome dark mode on Windows 10? Let us know in a comment or send us a screenshot in the section below.

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