Fix iPhone Tethering Not Working

iphone tethering not working

iPhone tethering is a useful feature in iPhones that lets you use it as a personal WiFi hotspot for accessing internet on a laptop or other devices like your iPod touch or iPad.

While it isn’t unique to iPhones only, as you can get it on many smartphones, you can wirelessly connect your devices to the iPhone using the right software and the phone’s mobile data. This way, your device offers wireless connectivity to other devices like a mobile or computer via Bluetooth or USB connection.

If you’re having iPhone tethering problems with your updated iPhone after using iOS 10, you’d be relieved to know it isn’t just compatibility and app crash issues, but also network. This guide shows you how to get everything working again.

How to Fix iPhone Tethering

Enable iPhone Tethering

While this may look simple or easy to do, the setting may be disabled in your iPhone thus inaccessible. After updating your iPhone, the Personal Hotspot menu may not be accessible, instead you may see the Set Up Personal Hotspot button that asks you to contact your carrier when you tap it.

If the issue is with your carrier, contact them directly, but you can always check your provider’s support page for the issue, as they may disable tethering option on your account.

Power cycle your iPhone

Turn off your device and turn it back on again to fix lingering. Try and enable Airplane mode and then disable it after 10 seconds before trying again. A power cycle is also helpful for your iPhone and other devices you want to connect.

Different connection

If you’re using WiFi to connect, try Bluetooth for a change or a USB connection if iPhone tethering doesn’t work with the first two methods. Enable Personal Hotspot under Settings>Mobile and change network settings on the device you want to connect. If other devices connect, the issue is with your hardware.

Reset iCloud connection and network settings

To do this:

  • Go to Settings>General>Reset
  • Tap Reset Network Settings and let the device reboot
  • The WiFi credentials will be wiped during reset, so go to Settings>About to give the device a name again

Some users say you can log out of iCloud and check if connection issues clear up after signing out of your device.

Did any of these solutions fix iPhone hotspot or iPhone tethering for you? Share in a comment below.

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