Pokemon Rumble Rush: all the details are here, so look no further!

This is definitely the year of the Pokemon franchise. With all its new apps and new games for the Switch, the game has been a success in the past few weeks.

And if you think you can’t be more surprised about this game, here comes another great idea discussed by many already: the new Pokemon Rumble Rush for Android smartphones.

The new game, slightly different from the augmented reality Pokemon Go, will put you in the position of improving your Pokemon by defeating other Pokemon and boss Pokemon through rotating areas.

If you want to unlock a new Pokemon in one area and put the players to play through that area, you must defeat the Super Booss. Even if it doesn’t quite sound appealing, there are people in love with the classic Pokemon games and this new one wants to get them comfortable playing it.

The Guide Feather which unlocks more parts of a stage or the Air Balloons that will take you to the unique “Adventurer’s Stages” are only two of the most interesting features of Pokemon Rumble Rush.

The levels of the game are different from any game in this franchise because you’ll have to use gears to make your Pokemon’s moves more powerful and you have specific types of gears to use on specific types of attacks.

If you’re ambitious and want to raise your CP cap, you can grind the stages and defeat the Super Boss as long as your patience lasts, over and over again.

You won’t get rid of collecting Pokemon as it remains the main feature of the new game, but the awesome part is that there are features that you didn’t encounter them in the past Pokemon games. For example, the Pokemon’s potential for powerful moves, a delight of the game as you’ll want your Pokemon to have the most potential in terms of delivering powerful moves during combat.

The producers of this game have made a big change in the formula: the gear system comes into play in that some Pokemon can hold more gears than others. This brave move will keep the game interesting and not annoying while playing it.

On what devices is Pokemon Rumble Rush available?

The not so lucky ones with iOS smartphone, only in this case, will have to wait for the game to be available for them, as, for now, it is only available on Android smartphones and the users can download it from Google Play.

You’re not a fan and all that you have been reading doesn’t make you curious?

You might want to give it a try for the reliably high quality and the intriguing concepts. We know that there are a lot of Pokemon options and choosing one will be difficult for you, but pick one and see that is a good thing when you want to take a break from the real world.


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