Google Play Store Update Brings An Enhanced Browsing Experience

The Google Play Store is full of all kinds of new apps and its one of Android-powered smartphones’ favorite online places.

The Store’s functionality is excellent, but regaring the design and UI, there’s always room for more enhancements.

Google rolls out an update for its Play Store 

Fans have been expecting a new version with the Material Theme and other changes, and now, Google is rolling out this update that has some improvements set to make your life easier and your browsing experience closer to flawless.

The best change that’s implemented is the fact that now, the navigation bar is at the bottom and it comes with tabs such as Apps, Games, Movies & TV and Books as well.

Considering the size of the screen boasted by most smartphones today, it will be much more comfortable to access all you need.

Enhanced browsing experience 

It’s also exciting to learn that the icons are changing colors themselves in comparison to the previous setting where they were adapting to the color palette of the upper background.

Android Community writes that the music tab is gone and this is understandable considering the latest reports which have been claiming that Google Play Music will be replaced by YouTube Music.

There’s also an all-white background and the Google Sans font has replaced the previous one. It’s also important to mention that there are a lot of design elements which now have rounded corners.

The app pages also look a bit different and the buttons for Install, Uninstall and Open are occupying more width.

According to the same online publication, the ratings and screenshots of the app are better positioned now.

It’s also worth reporting that the categories for suggested apps have also been re-organized.

A new one that you’ll see says “Based on your recent activity” but it’s not very clear if it’s activity within Google Play Store or the whole Google eco-system.

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