Fouad WhatsApp Version 7.92 Comes with New Features and Bug Fixes

If you have an Android device, you must know that they are open for customization: helped by some specific apps, you can change your smartphone into a better and more user-friendly device.

The popular WhatsApp messaging app is an example of an app being modified to include more features that are not present in the original version of the app. Two of the most renown modified WhatsApp apps are Fouad WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. This article depicts new features and specifications of Fouad WhatsApp APK version 7.92.

The modified Fouad Whatsapp is offering many additional features than the original app has. It comes with options to customize every part of WhatsApp, such as themes, chat looks, fonts. It also allows you to lock particular chats, offers privacy mode, and enables you to watch stories anonymously, and numerous other options.

The app has 53MB in size, and it requires at least an Android 4.0. The official Fouad app is based on Yo WhatsApp, and there are two different versions of it: one includes Emoji, and the other does not. Fouad WhatsApp has been created and published by renown developer Fouad Mokdad and his developing team.


– The app allows you to modify the background wallpaper of inside and outside the conversation

– You can modify your display picture inside and outside the chat

– You can also modify your display picture for groups, inside and outside of it

– Fouad WhatsApp allows you to customize the color of lines between separate conversations on the app’s home screen

– You can customize the date color on the home screen

– There’s the option to modify the color of the forwarding button, of the voice note message.

– You can modify the color name of the group members

– It allows you to block calls from the ‘Who can call me’ button

– You have access to the themes stock

– The app comes with Brazilian to Portuguese language translator

– It has an Azerbaijani Language Pack

– It allows you to download WhatsApp status

– Also offers the privacy of WhatsApp status

– You can check WhatsApp stories without notifying

– It allows you to customize the message text size and the font

– You can clear cache and improve the app’s speed

The app provides users with more other features and options.

Here is a detailed comparison between FM WhatsApp 7.92 and Foud WhatsApp 7.92.

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