Galaxy S10 Faulty Update Finally Replaced By Samsung With A Working One

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was met with near-universal acclaim from reviewers and customers alike. Samsung worked hard on the devices, which also mark the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy brand. The devices arrived with a selection of interesting features, including an advanced in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

However, nothing is perfect, and the company ran into a bit of trouble recently. The XXU1ASE5 update improved the experience of using the camera, adding a selection of new features in the process. The May security patch was also included in the update.

While the update appeared to be great at first, many users encountered a large number of issues. According to posts on several tech forums, many third-party apps tend to crash, with Nova Launcher and Twitter being mentioned quite often. Since the apps didn’t receive a major update within the same timeframe, many users thought that the update was the culprit.

Galaxy S10 Faulty Update Finally Replaced By Samsung With A Working One

The devices themselves tended to freeze from time to time, and this issue was also mentioned on respected tech platforms. In some cases, a long press on the power button prompted the device to show power options, but the restart and power of buttons didn’t work, but the device rebooted itself after some time. Other users the fingerprint sensor is quite slow while some noted that the screen would not be locked when the power button is pressed. Battery drain seems to be present on select devices.

A large number of complaints prompted Samsung to remove the update and work on fixes. A new update which aims to fix many of the faults introduced by the previous one is already available in some countries according to a reliable source.

It seems that the release schedule will be similar to the one used by the previous update as the company attempts to minimize the inconvenience caused by the bugs. It is hoped that the new update will make the devices usable again.

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