Chrome Keeps Freezing – Here’s How To Fix It

Chrome Keeps Freezing

Each time Chrome keeps freezing when you’re browsing, you may be tempted to close all tabs, restart your computer, or even try opening a new Chrome session to check if it’ll help.

Chrome is the most popular browser right now, renowned for its ease of use, speed, and vast library of extensions and apps.

These are probably the same things that cause it to keep freezing or crashing, and while you may not pinpoint the exact cause for this, there are some common ones including:

·         Opening too many tabs, which slows down the browser hence Chrome keeps freezing every time you try to visit a page or use a website. Every open tab uses valuable CPU cycles and memory, draining resources as you open more

·         Pesky web extensions and apps, which hog more resources from the CPU, memory, and more causing the freeze or crash

·         Viruses or malware, which are triggered when you visit a malicious site in Chrome

What to do when Chrome keeps freezing or crashing

To curb or stop this frustrating problem regardless of the operating system you’re using, you can try a few fixes below.

Quick fixes

·         Restart your browser by closing all tabs and windows, then reopen Chrome. If its frozen and you can’t close any of these, force quit Chrome

·         Restart your computer and see if Chrome stops freezing or crashing

·         Suspend unused tabs using a browser extension, and wake them up when you need them

·         Disable Chrome apps and extensions to determine which one makes Chrome freeze or crash. If Chrome stops acting up after you disable one of them, its probably the culprit

·         Check your computer for malware or viruses

Reset Chrome to default

This restores Chrome to its original or default state, with original homepage, search engine, cookies, content settings and more. It also disables themes or extensions you installed, and refreshes them especially if hijacked by malware. Bookmarks and passwords you saved will remain intact, but other data and settings in Google accounts via Chrome Sync can be restored.

Back up your important data and settings before resetting Chrome.

Uninstall and reinstall Chrome

This gives it a fresh start, but remember it deletes any apps or extensions you installed, and any browsing data like bookmarks, history and more will be lost if not stored in Google servers via Chrome Sync.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

This tool uses your computer’s video card for tasks that are graphics-heavy like video-playback in-browser, for a better experience as you browse. It can cause conflicts sometimes, though its rare, and can cause Chrome to freeze or crash.

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