Pixel 4 Amazing Design, Leaked By A Remarkably Accurate Source

Google’s new Pixel 3a is named by Forbes’ Gordon Kelly, the best sub-$500 smartphone that you can buy, “by far.” The online publication just reported that Pixel 4 is the device that holds the entire excitement these days.

They reveal that SlashLeaks tweeted that Pixel 4 has a brand new design. Just in case you don’t know, the site SlashLeaks is run by the remarkably accurate leaker, as Kelly calls him, Steve Hemmerstoffer.

A hybrid of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Apple’s iPhone XS

The latest Pixel 4 leak shows that Google decided to give the Pixel range some style with a perfect hybrid of the Galaxy S10 and the iPhone XS.

It seems that SlashLeaks managed to get their images via the case maker Skinomi, which is confident in the sources that it has. Pre-orders are also in the picture, according to these latest leaks.

Everything seems great so far, but it seems that there’s some bad news as well: Skinomi is only selling a screen protector at the moment so this means that people cannot have e good look at the back of the device.

Google is expected to move the whole Pixel range to dual or triple cameras, and that’s definitely a massive element of interest.

The Pixel 4 was confirmed in March

Forbes also notes that the tech giant has accidentally confirmed the Pixel 4 back in March, but so far, there haven’t been released any important details.

They also highlight the fact that this whole thing is contrasting with the Pixel 3, which has been the “most leaked smartphone of the year.”

Forbes said that it’s also worth noting that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL come with more RAM compared to the predecessor devices, and also more extended storage space along with bigger batteries.

They note that at the moment, Google’s Pixels still have the best point and shoot smartphone in the world.

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