New Pokémon Go for Bedtime – Pokémon Sleep Improvements

Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO of the Pokémon Company, has been dreaming about a Pokémon Sleep version. He declared on Tuesday that Pokémon Sleep has the purpose of turning the sleep into entertainment precisely the same as Pokémon GO was destined to become walking in something more fun and enjoyable. The announcement was posted on Twitter by the company, and it says that Pokémon Sleep is in development and they want to turn sleeping time in gameplay.

Pokémon Sleep

Starting with 2016, Pokémon Go was the game that had conquered the hearts of many people. The idea of turning walking into entertainment was sticking through a lot of us. Now, the company has a plan to train our Pokémon when we are asleep. The announcement was posted on Twitter, you can search for the post and see what all is about, but we have some details for you as well.

So this Tuesday, at Pokémon Press Conference, the new app Pokémon Sleep was unveiled. With it, other games and products are coming. On the other hand, for celebrating the announcements, you will see that Pokémon GO is overflowing with Snorlax at this time. We also know the date of the release of Pokémon Sleep; somewhere in 2020, it will all happen. The app will come with a device that has quite an unusual name, Pokémon GO Plus Plus, and it’s a Nintendo device. The purpose of the invention is to track and monitor your sleep patterns.

However, the Pokémon GO Plus Plus will be a typical device during the day – the Pokémon Go Plus. But during the night, you will connect the device through your phone, via Bluetooth, for sending all the sleep data from the night. Practically, you will have a Pokémon Go Plus Plus device with similar functionality with a smartwatch.

To sum up, the Pokémon Sleep is developed by the same company (Select Button) that has developed the mobile game Pokémon:  Magikarp Jump. Also, Pokémon Sleep was not the only announcement, because a follow-up of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu will come to Nintendo Switch, and a cloud service named Pokémon Home. In that way, you can link your phone with your Switch.

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