Instagram (156518) Beta Update Enhances The Photo Sharing Experience

Instagram is a top-rated app, and the fact that it boasts over 80 million downloads on the Google Play Store should say everything about the app’s popularity.

The app seems to be getting bigger compared to Facebook, and this is simply mirrored by the fact that more and more people quit their Facebook accounts, and they hop on the ‘Gram.

This is not a tragedy for Facebook, as you all know that the giant social media platform is the owner of Instagram.

Instagram just received an update which is focused on improving the app’s overall stability. It does this by introducing a bunch of software tweaks and bug fixes.

These might seem not too important, but it’s essential to understand that software tweaks and bug fixes are always useful for an enhanced overall experience with the app.

Instagram (156518) Beta Update

It’s essential to begin by saying that this latest update for Instagram is exclusively targeting beta users.

But this is not a reason to freak out because, just like we’ve said before, every user who is the happy owner of an Android-powered device can easily join the beta program hassle-free.

Improving Instagram’s performance and stability 

The developers of this app are always focused on enhancing the overall performance and software stability, and this is exactly what the latest update is doing.

After you install it in your device, there will basically be almost 0% chances of your photo sharing app crashing, and the lag level will be the lowest ever.

Despite the fact that this is just a maintenance update for Instagram, we totally insist that you install it because it’s definitely a high priority one considering the software goodies and the bug fixes that are packed in it.

The update has also been released as an APK, and this means that you can manually install it on your mobile device as well if you prefer.

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