Google Play Store: Google’s Messages App Hits 500 Million Installs

Google’s messages app has been making its way to more and more devices from the Android ecosystem, and of course, it did it via the Google Play Store.

500 million installs 

Recently some great news was reported by 9to5Google who wrote that the app managed to surpass 500 million installs, which is a milestone for any app in the store.

The online publication mentioned above notes that Android Police reported first that the Google Messages app managed to hit this Play Store milestone during the past few days.

This number is so significant because Google doesn’t need phone makers to pre-install the app as a part of their Google Mobile Service package. But there are still some devices which include the app out of the box.

For instance, for Google’s Pixel lineup and for the Android One devices coming from Nokia and more, Google messages has been installed and used as the default client for SMS.

Other OEMs have preinstalled the app on their devices

Due to the RCS features, there are other OEMs such as Huawei who have also chosen to include Messages as the default client of their phones as well.

9to5 Google also makes sure to note the fact that there are other names which are shipping their devices with Messages pre-installed, and these include LG, Motorola, and smaller names such as Essential.

The online magazine concludes the article by highlighting the fact that the number is still quite a mind-blowing one because it means that a lot of users chose to install Google Messages app from the Play Store and replace whatever client that their device came with.

Anyway, speaking of Google Play Store, the latest update for the Google Play Store sports the 15.1.23 version number.

The update is currently rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels, and we are advising all Android users to download it as soon as possible because it packs some critical bug fixes.

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