Having Issues Downloading Apps On Your Android Smartphone? Here’s A Fix

Not being able to download an app from the Google Play Store even though you have enough storage space and a good Internet connection can be beyond frustrating.

But, on the other hand, this is also one of the most common issues that Android smartphone owners have to deal with sometimes.

Just in case you find yourself faced with a similar issue and cannot download an app or update a specific app via the Play Store, Gadgetsnow has a few solutions that we’ll present below.

Make sure you have a connection

First of all, you definitely have to make sure that you have an optimal Internet connection. Sometimes it may happen that the Internet is not working and that’s the reason for which you’re not able to download anything.

In such a case, the Google Play Store will show the Pending option.

The online publication mentioned above also notes that you should be careful with another essential factor – some apps with a bigger file size will be asking for the Wi-Fi connectivity to download the app.

In such a case, you should uncheck the “Download over Wi-Fi” option at the download confirmation window, or you should connect the phone to a Wi-Fi network and download the app.

Clearing the cache and data

If you’ve done all this and are still not able to download the app, then you should proceed and clear the cache and data of the Play Store.

This move will help to clear the unnecessary clutter from the Play Store, and it might help fix the issue.

First of all, open the Setting app and head over to the Apps section. Look for the Google Play Store app and tap on it and tap on the Storage option. Hit the Clear Cache option.

After that, tap on the Clear Data option and open the Store. Now, you should be able to download an app.

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