LG V40 Gets Android Pie Update with Fresh Improvements and Fixes

Maybe out there are many users with LG phones purchased many years ago, that are living with the desire of finally getting that Android Pie update. Well, folks, the time have come, and Android Pie will be launched on its birthday. At the same time, LG has woken up, and it’s pushing the Android Pie to the devices from the U.S.

LG’s Android Pie Update

One year ago, LG gave us the impression that it will take the software updates idea seriously. The company even opened a Software Upgrade Center for this. Unfortunately, the upgrade center hadn’t proved anything, but much worse. They are one of the awful Android manufacturers regarding their updates. Maybe it sounds mean and insane, but you will see proof if you look at the LG Software Upgrade Center page and search for the last update pushed out.

However, the U.S users are receiving the Android Pie update starting from yesterday. Imagine how long it took the company to push up this Android Pie to one LG phone, the V40 ThinQ if the Android Pie was released on August last year. Google’s phone, OnePlus’ devices, and Samsung phones have seen the Pie update for far too long by now.

LG V40 ThinQ on Verizon – Android Pie Update

The Pie update for LG V40 comes with version V405UA20a and with a security patch. New features to the camera are added such as Cine Shot, Ai Composition, Story Shot, and YouTube Live Recording. Also, a game launcher, pill gesture navigation, a better volume control over media, more improved notifications, and the last one is good: dual app access for running the same application but with different accounts.

Finally, for receiving the Android Pie update on your LG V40, make sure that you have room for it because it’s enormous. A full battery and a Wi-Fi connection will be needed. Why has the company decided to upgrade only the V40? We don’t know yet, and no official statements have been made, but we can be happy about this minor improvement as well.

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