What To Do When Your MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On

macbook pro won't turn on

If you’re MacBook Pro won’t turn on, you may need to haul it into an Apple store for servicing, but just before you do that, there are few basics to get out of the way. There’s a difference between a MacBook Pro that won’t turn on and one that fails to turn on while starting up.

Fix MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On

Preliminary checks

  • Check battery and power supply as the first obvious tip if your MacBook Pro won’t turn on at all. You may have some battery charge left or it may not be plugged in well. If all is clear and it still won’t turn on, check the power cable – it could be faulty – and swap with a working one.
  • Check brightness of your screen. Sometimes it may just be a settings issue if it starts up and you just can’t see the screen
  • Check if it is turned on or is in Sleep mode. You can raise the screen or tap the keyboard to wake it from sleep mode.

Reset SMC (System Management Controller)

This involves resetting the SMC feature, which controls most of the basic functionalities in a Mac. This includes lights, display, fans, and even the power button.

Resetting the SMC could resolve the issue stopping your MacBook Pro from working or turning on for that matter. The steps below assume the device is on, so do the following:

  • Switch off the MacBook Pro and plug in the power cable
  • Press and hold the Power button and SHIFT+CONTROL+OPTION for 10 seconds

MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On

  • Release all keys and press the Power button again

For MacBook Pro 2009 or earlier models, you have a different procedure as these come with removable batteries. In this case, take the steps below:

  • Switch off the MacBook Pro and remove the battery
  • Press and hold down the Power button for about five seconds and reinsert the battery
  • Press the Power button again

However, if you’re using a 2018 MacBook Pro that has a T2 security chip, shut down the MacBook Pro, and once it’s off, press and hold the Power button down for 10 seconds. Release the Power button and press it again after a few seconds.

Were you able to power your MacBook Pro back on after using any of these solutions? Let us know what worked by leaving a comment below.

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