Nvidia Teases A New Release – It Might Be About A New Nvidia Titan Graphics Card

Nvidia may be working on several projects, but the company seems to have some extra time on its hands, a new teaser video has been released. It is known that the company loves to offer this kind of clues before an official announcement arrives and many are puzzled by the cryptic message.

The teaser is quite enigmatic since the largest clue is the word Super which appears to be engraved on the metallic cover which can be found on most Nvidia graphics cards. Some believe that a new graphics card may be in development while others argue that it could be a gaming device built from the ground up by the company.

In recent years, Nvidia has gained a substantial advantage over AMD when it comes to both hardware and software. While the company lost significant sales in the console market after Sony and Microsoft opted for AMD solutions, it managed to shine in other sectors.

Nvidia teases a new announcement – It might be for a new Nvidia Titan graphics card

The latest RTX line offers some of the greatest graphics cards ever released, offering unprecedented levels of performance and spectacular visual effects. Among them, we can count ray-tracing, which ads more realism and immersion to a large number of titles.

Another popular project is GeForce Now. GeForce Now promises a remarkable cloud gaming experience as the user will gain access to the system which sports top-of-the-line specs. The service will be compatible with Windows PCs, Mac OS devices, and Nvidia’s Shield gaming device. The service is currently in the beta stage, but more than 400 games are already available New games will be added in the feature and the installation time will be so short that your new titles will be ready in just a few minutes.

Select sources claim that Nvidia may release a new Titan graphics card series for the consumer market. This seems unlikely since the company tends to release one Titan version per generation and the Titan RTX hit the market in December 2018. It is likely that the elusive announcement will be related to gaming.

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