iPhone Won’t Charge – Here’s What To Do

iPhone Won’t Charge

For most users whose iPhone won’t charge, the problem may seem to be the battery, but it isn’t always the case. If you must replace the battery, you still have to pay for it to be done by an expert, along with the cost of the battery itself.

However, there are several things that can cause your iPhone not to charge, interfering with the battery, so try these out before you get a replacement.

How to fix iPhone Won’t Charge

Quick fixes

  • Restart your iPhone and try to plug it in again. This often solves some issues with the device, though not the more serious ones
  • Replace the USB cable you use to connect the iPhone to the power adapter or to your computer. You can test with a different cable and check if it works. If so, then the cable you use is broken so you can replace it with a new one
  • Replace your wall charger power adapter as it may be the culprit preventing your iPhone from charging. Try and check with a different adapter, and if it works, change your current one

iPhone Won’t Charge

  • Check USB ports as your iPhone needs a high speed USB 2.0 port or better to charge. If it still won’t charge, the USB port may be broken. Test with a different USB port on your computer or on another computer. If they work, then the ports on your computer may be damaged or broken

iPhone Won’t Charge

  • Don’t use your keyboard to charge your iPhone. It needs high-speed USB ports, which some keyboards don’t have so your iPhone won’t charge

Use iPhone recovery mode

This is like restarting your iPhone but it deletes the data on your phone. When using it, the iPhone will require you to restore data from a backup or to reset it to factory settings.

Check for any dirt, dust, or lint

Sometimes minute stuff like lint, dust, or dirt from your purse or pocket could jam into your USB cable or iPhone’s lightning connector.

If it’s a substantial amount, it could cause your iPhone not to charge, or the hardware from connecting properly, so electricity won’t reach the phone’s battery.

Check also the dock connector or your cable for gunk, and pass a shot of compressed air through to clear or blow it out.

Replace your battery

If none of the other methods help, then your iPhone’s battery is dead and you need to replace it.

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