How To Play Minecraft For Free In Your Web Browser


Minecraft has come a long way since 10 years ago, and its Classic version is a piece of gaming history. However, the latter can’t play on the same level as the current version, even though it’s still free and you can play it on your browser effortlessly.

If you have fond memories of when it was first released, and don’t like the current version, then you’ll want to fire up Minecraft Classic and return to when things were simpler.

Today, you can play Minecraft for free in your web browser, thanks to Mojang’s release of Minecraft Classic for web.

In celebration of the 10 year old milestone, Mojang is letting you play Minecraft straight from your browser, without downloading anything – its free to play for good.

How to Play Minecraft in Your Web Browser For Free

This isn’t the first time Minecraft Classic can play in a browser; its been the case for a long time, in fact several years and for free too. The only downside is it was only available at the time with Mac, Windows, and Linux and you had to have Java for it to work.

Today, you need only point your web browser at Minecraft Classic’s website and enjoy the game for free without downloading or installing anything.

All you need is a keyboard, which means smartphone or tablet users can’t play the game.

The company announced in a tweet posted on May 7, 2019 about the release saying gamers can now “play the original creative mode, complete with 32 blocks and all the beloved bugs.”

Minecraft Classic is the same game that existed in 2009, so it won’t be the Minecraft for 2019, so you still have to use the clunky interface, and build only 32 blocks and all the beloved bugs.

The game only lets you play in Creative Mode, so if you’re looking for Survival mode where you get to fight off enemies, it isn’t available, neither is there a way of saving your game. On the bright side though, you can invite a maximum of nine friends to join in your game via a link.

It also means you can play it on a variety of devices, because it runs in any modern browser.

Have you tried playing Minecraft Classic on your web browser? Share your experience with us in a comment below.

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