Google Play Store Update: Another Thief App Found In The Store

According to the latest reports, researchers have found two apps that were pretending to be cryptocurrency apps on the Google Play Store.

Tech Crunch said that one of these apps seems to have been designed to steal crypto.

An app impersonating Trezor crypto wallet

ESET security company said that one of these two fake apps was impersonating Trezor, which is a hardware crypto wallet.

The good news is that the application could not be used in order to steal the digital coins that were stored by Trezor.

But the experts found that the app was, in fact, connected to a second Android application that could have been used to get funds from victims.

The online publication also notes that Lukas Stefanko security researcher at ESET said that the fake Trezor app seemed trustworthy at first glance, but it was using a phony developer name to impersonate the famous company.

This fake app was created in such a way that is was able to make users especially the noobies, turn over a victim’s login credentials.

The fake app was ranked second after the legit Trezor 

The app has been uploaded in the store back on May 1st, and it managed to rank as the second most popular search result when searching for Trezor.

It was placed just behind the legit app, according to the security researcher.

Some Reddit users also found the fake app and reported it on the spot.

“The app claims it lets its users create wallets for various cryptocurrencies,” said Stefanko.

He continued and explained, “However, its actual purpose is to trick users into transferring cryptocurrency into the attackers’ wallets – a classic case of what we’ve named wallet address scams in our previous research into cryptocurrency-targeting malware.”

ESET contacted Google, and the tech giant immediately removed the apps from its store.

In other news, Google just released the latest update for the Google Play Store, which sports the 15.0.13 version number.

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