Google Play Store 15.0.13 Update is Now Available with Faster and Better Software Performances

Google Play Store is the place where all Android users go to whenever they want to download and install a new app or game on their smartphones. Therefore, the Google Play Store is one of the most important features that the Android operating system has to offer and this is why no one should be shocked to find out that it benefits from a constant stream of updates.

Google is renowned for always “cooking up” new updates for its most important features and it releases them on a daily basis. With that said, today we are going to check out the latest update for the Google Play Store which sports the 15.0.13 version number.

Google Play Store 15.0.13 Update

Right from the start, the first thing that we want to mention about the Google Play Store’s latest update is that it will change the version number to 15.0.13. This is a maintenance release which means that it introduces a handful of bug fixes and software tweaks that aim to improve overall user experience, software stability and performances of the Google Play Store.

APK Release

The update is being rolled out via Google’s official OTA (over the air) channels which means that it should arrive at all Android powered smartphones during the upcoming days. However, we know that there are some Android fans who don’t like having to wait around for a major update such as this to arrive OTA and this is why we also want to note that Google has released the update in the form of APK.

For those who are unfamiliar with APK releases, all that they need to know is that APK is an acronym which stands for “Android Package Kit”. This type of updates can be manually downloaded and installed on smartphones that have the “Unknown Sources” option enabled.

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