Nintendo Switch Was The Best-Selling Console On Cyber Monday, Adobe Analytics Reveals

Just the other day, it was revealed that Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go was the fourth best-selling product during the Black Friday sales.

Adobe just released new data in order to highlight the most popular products that have been sold in the US on Cyber Monday.

Nintendo Switch – third best-selling product 

Nintendo has a reason to celebrate as its Switch was the third best-selling product that was included in the list.

The data comes from Adobe Analytics which deal with analyzing “billions of data points across the Adobe Experience Cloud” to collect insights for online retail and e-commerce.

The data shows very clearly that the Nintendo Switch was the only video game console that was placed in the top five.

The device managed to outperform other important tech devices on the market such as laptops and even LG television.

Another achievement is the fact that Nintendo Switch also managed to occupy the fourth spot on Small Saturday Business.

Twinfinite noted just recently that all this would not guarantee that the Switch becomes the most popular game system during the holiday period.

It’s also essential to mention the fact that all the above data is limited only to ONLINE sales data.

Nintendo Switch might be faced with a new competitor

Anyway, speaking of Nintendo Switch, we recently reported that a competitor might be on its way for the device.

Sony could be on its way to embrace the cartridge once again. German tech outlet TechTastic noted that Sony had patented a brand new cartridge format for storing video games.

Last year, the tech giant published a patent for a handheld game console that was utterly similar to the Nintendo Switch.

It’s not a clear fact that Sony will act on these patents and make them a reality but they’re definitely spending some time and effort considering the idea.

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