Nintendo Reportedly Doesn’t Plan On Releasing An N64 Classic Anytime Soon – Potential Reason

Nintendo just killed our hopes and dreams regarding a possible N64.

Both the NES and SNES Classic consoles served as bellwethers for the retro gaming revival that currently trendy these days.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that everyone thought that N64 Classic would be next especially considering both an earlier trademark filing and a controller patent which only added more fuel to the expectations.

No N64 Classic surprise under the Christmas tree

Everyone was excitedly waiting for a Christmas surprise, but it seems that they were all wrong.

So, sorry if you were one of the believes, but it looks like according to Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime, “the company has no plans to release an N64 Classic now, next month, or for the foreseeable future,” announces Engadget.

Fils-Anime spoke to Kotaku and said that the first two Classic series had been mainly designed to plug the gap between the end of the Wii U and also the arrival of the Switch.

He explained that this was the strategic reason for which they decided to launch the NES Classic system in the first place.

Fils-Anime did not rule out the N64 Classic for good but what’s clear is that he said Nintendo would instead focus more on growing the content from its NintendoSwitch Online subscription service.

The man did not say whether the platform has any plans of expanding beyond its current roster of NES titles to include SNES games, as revealed by Engadget.

Potential reasons for which Nintendo will not release an N64 too soon

And regarding the possible reason for which Nintendo will definitely not be releasing N64 anytime soon, this could be explained by the fact that this is a tougher sell and it would also be tricky to replicate.

Former Engadget David Lumb said that the console had an “Aesthetic aberration” as a controller.

Nintendo created the NES and SNES for the classic editions, and this means that making an outdated controller more modern is not a viable choice at the moment.

Anyway, gamers who are still nostalgic over the golden era can rejoice at the thought that they can still find the NES and SNES Classic consoles available for purchase.

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