Samsung Unveils The Perfect Smartphone In Recent Patent – This Holographic Device Could Be The Galaxy S10

Samsung might consider taking things to the next level with some plans for something that might just be the ideal phone.

Main specs of Samsung’s phone

Some of the brand new techs that are included in the extremely detailed Samsung phone patent include the following mind-blowing details: seamless display with a hidden camera at its center, a headphone jack, a completely seamless body, and a holographic device.

The patent has been published last month by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

According to Dutch tech site Letsgodigital, the exciting list for this mind-blowing device doesn’t even stop there.

Tom’s Guide reported that ‘there is an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, a projector module, and an array of sensors all hidden under the display: grip sensor, “bio” sensor (whatever that means), temperature and humidity sensors, UV sensor, gesture sensors, atmospheric pressure sensor’. What more could you want?


A screen similar to the one Samsung presented in China

It’s still not very clear how realistic all of this is or how far Samsung is at the moment from being able to reach the heaven of smartphones, but what’s certain is the fact that this patent describes a phone which uses a screen similar to the revolutionary display that Samsung Electronics presented last month at the Marriott Hotel in Shenzhen, China.

The electronic components manufacturer was reportedly presenting the product which has been finalized to 20 massive customers, which may include Apple – one of Samsung’s big clients for OLED displays.

Regarding the holographic part of the device, according to Letsgodigital, the WIPO patent says that “the display may include a ‘hologram device’, which makes it possible to show 3D projection images in the air using interference of light”.


We don’t know when or if this patent becomes a reality and if this is the much awaited Samsung S10.

Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy S10 at February 2019’s Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

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