iPad Pro – First Impressions From New Owners

Earlier today we already saw the first iPad Pro reviews from the media sites that Apple invited to the testing of the tablet before it was officially released. Now, after the iPad Pro has officially launched we begin to see the first impressions from the regular Apple customers.

Twitter, Reddit and the MacRumors forums flooded with new iPad Pro owners and they have been sharing what they truly felt about the new device. On the other hand, those who just considered the off chance of purchasing such a device would really benefit from hearing out what other owners had to say.

TrueBlou, one of the MacRumors readers shared some pictures displaying the old 12.9-inch iPad Pro next to the slimmer and sleeker 2018 version that measures 12.9 inches. By doing so, they provided a look at just how much smaller the new model’s frame is. The difference, according to him would be an incredible improvement.

He stated that “It’s an incredible improvement, I really cannot overstate just how much of a difference it is. It’s one of my favourite things about the new iPad. It’s not just that it’s smaller, lighter and thinner – which of course it is. But the combination of all of those things also changes its centre of gravity a little and it’s really noticeable.”

On Reddit we saw that SlightCriticism – an user – provided us with a glimpse for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro placed on top of the new 12.9-inch model. He did this in order to prove how much bigger the model that reaches 12.9 inches is.

“I had a first gen 12.9 which was too big and sprung for the 10.5 when it came out last year. I found the original 12.9 to be too difficult to hold on the train etc but the 10.5 has been the perfect companion. I did miss the extra screen space, but its size was harming my productivity and I decided I valued that more,” is what he concluded.

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