Google Reportedly Promises A Fix For The Pixel 3’s Most Significant Issue Shortly

The Pixel 3 is an excellent device considering its great software features and the amazing camera.

Still, one cannot say that the phone is perfect and at the moment, its most significant problem is related to bad memory management.

This issue is affecting phones quite sporadically, and the problems with the Pixel 3’s RAM management can trigger the following process: apps can close unexpectedly in the background or sometimes they can even shut down right in the middle of usage.

The good news is that Google was able to identify the source of the problem and in a statement that the tech giant email to 9to5Google a rep from the company said that Google is “rolling out a software update in the coming weeks to keep background apps from being prematurely closed in certain situations.”

The memory issue could have been also related to the camera bug

Users who have been keeping track of Pixel 3 issues know that this problem related to memory management is a separate one, but it’s not completely unrelated to the bug that can sometimes result in the phone’s camera app not saving photos.

On the other hand, this bug was fixed by the tech giant via a software update that rolled out in late October.

There will be an upcoming patch to fix the memory-related issue

Google did not release any specific date for an upcoming patch that is set to solve the Pixel 3’s RAM problems.

But what is certain is that when the issue gets resolved, one of the main features that Pixel 3 owners can still look forward to is the arrival of Google’s low-light Night Sight camera mode.

Another exciting upcoming feature is Duplex which is the AI-powered phone call service that has the ability to automatically book appointments or make reservations for users.

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