Apple Instructs Foxconn, Wistron, And Pegatron Suppliers To Cut Down Expectations For iPhone XR Orders

Although Apple never said too much when it launched the Apple iPhone XR back in September, it’s pretty obvious that the device is meant to be a competitor with the Android market.

The build materials are cheaper, it comes with a colorful design, and it has an emphasis on core features – all these characteristics are contrasting with the luxury-minded Apple iPhone XS and XS Max.

On the other hand, it seems that the iPhone XR is not selling as well as Apple might have hoped, reports Nikkei Asian Review.

Apple instructed suppliers to reduce/eliminate production expectations

It looks like Apple has instructed three different suppliers to reduce or completely eliminate production expectations for the new device.

According to the report, Apple informed the primary suppliers that the company has, Foxconn and Pegatron to halt their plans for more production lines for the iPhone XR. Foxconn prepared 60 production lines for the iPhone XR, but until now they only used 45.

Apple told Foxconn it does not need the extra lines.

Apple’s smaller supplier, Wistron, was reportedly told to eliminate all expectations of producing any iPhone XR parts.

Apple previously told Wistron to stand by for rush orders, but now the supplier will not receive any orders for the holiday season.

This whole thing sounds similar to Apple iPhone 5C which the company launched five years ago.

As you probably know, the cheaper plastic-backed iPhone did not sell very well, and Apple decided back then to reduce supply expectations a month after the phone was released.

Closing words

Now, it might be too early to tell whether the iPhone XR will have a similar fate as the iPhone 5C.

But it’s quite important to note that the device has such little demand especially when you consider it delivers the same speed as the iPhone XS with many similar features and also at a much lower cost.

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