Clash of Clans Updates Brings New Awesome Improvements

Clash of Clans remains one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS as the hit freemium title is played by millions of users. Supercell has stated that the game is still generating significant revenue and updates will continue to come in the future, adding new content and quality of life improvements. A major update arrived in October and new features were added to the game. Read below for a list of selected highlights and prepare to bring glory to your clan!

War Leagues

The addition of a new PVP mode breath fresh life into the game as players rushed to show their might. Each clan has the option to join the monthly War Leagues in order to gain impressive rewards. Eight clans battle for supremacy and the clan that manages to score the most points will be promoted to the next league tier. Eighteen clan tiers are currently available and more will be added in the future.

The Tornado Trap

The update also adds a new trap which becomes available at Town Hall level 11. The trap will generate a powerful vortex, hindering the progress of enemy troops while additional defenses can be deployed.

New rewards

Winning War Leagues will net players a valuable new resource called league coins. You can spend those coins at the league shop, where various magic hammers can be acquired. Each hammer offers a unique advantage, allowing you to instantly upgrade heroes, buildings, spells and troops while no additional resources are consumed in the process. Another reward is the Clock Tower Potion, which instantly activates your Builder Base Clock Tower for a period of 30 minutes per user.

A host of quality of life updates were also introduced. The shop received a new UI, seasonal content was added and players that enjoy single player can explore new Goblin maps. New balance changes were also implemented in order to keep the game fair for everyone.

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