11 Smart Ways To Stress Less About Technology

Although technology has its benefits, including the more straightforward way to keep in touch with our friends and beloved ones, it also comes with its disadvantages such as the so-called technology stress. Luckily, there are some easy, smart ways to stress less about technology, and here are 11 methods to do that.

11 Smart Ways To Stress Less About Technology

Don’t play games too much

Games are relaxing, we all know that, but when you spend too much time playing games on your smartphone, the opposite would happen.

Also, you should avoid betting while you’re on the go or at work to not get tempted to check the results once every ten minutes or so. That would lower your productivity and increase stress. On the other hand, in your free time, you can do that as much as you want by choosing top betting sites.

Take a few days off checking notifications

All you have to do is to take a couple of days off checking social media notifications or personal email inbox. You’ll feel much better, you’ll lower the stress levels, and you’ll boost your productivity.

Have a good night sleep

Avoid using your smartphone before bedtime. It would be wise to turn off notifications for the night not be disturbed in case you receive an email or a social media update.

Avoid “phantom vibrations”

Phantom vibrations” occur when you keep your phone in your pocket and you feel it like vibrating even though you don’t receive a phone call or an SMS. To avoid that and don’t get stressed about it, put your phone in a backpack or a purse.

Turn it off

Maybe you’re at a restaurant at a meeting or just hanging out with your friends. Turn your smartphone off might be the best idea to focus on whatever you’re doing.

Use the in-app filters

Most apps, such as email providers’ apps, come up with filters that allow users to force their smartphones only to show relevant emails. You can lower technology stress by only permitting notifications for important emails, such as those coming from your boss, for example.

Apply the rule of “20”

Apply the rule of “20” whenever possible. Once every 20 minutes, look away from your computer/smartphone screen towards an object at 20 feet elsewhere, for at least 20 seconds. You’ll feel more relaxed.

Avoid negativity while online

Try ditching all those people you follow on Twitter or Facebook that only post negative things. Having your social media filled with negativity isn’t helpful to lower stress.

Take a break

Whenever you’re feeling stressed while working on your computer or smartphone, take a break. Five minutes of relaxation (even meditation) can work miracles in reducing technology stress and depression.

Use technology to avoid technology stress

Paradoxically, the technology that causes the technology stress can be used to avoid it. Tons of apps can help you relax and lower stress.

You can do it without a screen

Do you like eating while watching a movie? Do you enjoy running on a treadmill while watching TV? You can do all that without a screen. Eat while watching outside the window or jog in a park, instead. It would be much better.

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