VLC Stream and Remote 2.3.9 Comes With An Improved UI and Bug Fixes

Allow yourself to get smarter with VLC Stream and Remote and forget about continuing to search for an USB cable which would enable you to transfer files to PC just to play them with a media player.


VLC Stream and Remote 2.3.9 is capable of playing        all media file types from your phone on your PC with just a click. Relax, sit behind and watch YouTube videos on your PC without sacrificing one bit of your user experience.

Forget about transferring files between your phone and your PC since you won’t need to do it anymore, due to the simplicity of VLC player’s controls. After you will use it once, you will feel how awesome this videe player really is.


The previous or next features will allow you to skip to the video you want to see right now. The volume button on your phone will be able to control the volume of the VLC media player as well, which you can play or pause as you wish.

This video player is capable of streaming a range of media files straight in your PC. Start browsing for videos on YouTube by using your phone and watch them on your computer. You can search for your favorite audio files as well and enjoy that music on your computer’s more powerful speakers.

The seekbar will keep you informed in regards to how much time is there before the movie ends. Those feeling too lazy to click on multiple files can make playlists containing all their favorite videos that they want to watch, and then they can clear them.

Also, VLC gives you the possibility of uploading subtitles to understand a foreign movie better and these subtitles can be promptly controlled as well.

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