VidMate Latest Version Allows Easy Downloads – Is It Safe?

If you want to download your favourite videos on your smartphone so you can watch them anytime you want, you should know that this is possible if you use VidMate. This application allows you to download videos from multiple platforms.

Get Videos

First of all you need to get the APK file for VidMate and then install it on your Android device. You should know that VidMate cannot be downloaded from Google Play so you need to get it from a third party source. Make sure that downloads from unknown sources are enabled in order to do that.

Once you have VidMate installed you will need to open it. There should be a video tab there, look for it. Then tap it when you find it. You can also use the address bar to go to

Once you are on Vimeo you can look for the videos that you want to download. You can get a music video, a TV show or movie. Once you find the video that you want you can use the Download Button to get it on your device. You will also be able to choose the quality and the format for your video.

You can find the videos that you have downloaded in the Downloaded tab. You can play the video using a video player or the built in audio.

Is it safe?

Some users were wondering whether VidMate is safe to use, since it is a third pary app. You should know that VidMate is not malware and it can’t affect your device. After you install it, no changes will be made to your device, and there are no risks. Nonetheless, it is better to be careful when it comes to apps from third parties, as they are not verified by Google Play Store.

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