New MacBook Air Announced With Retina Display and $1,199 Price Tag

Yesterday Apple brought the MacBook Air back to life, announcing the first proper re-release of the super thin laptop line after three years. This announcement was made during the hardware event hosted by Apple in October.

MacBook Air

This Apple product saw some minor CPU and graphics upgrades and it has been in lethargy ever since the Californian company released the 12-inch MacBook back in 2015. However, Apple kept the Air around since it couldn’t think of another proper budget option. Being the only laptop coming from Apple that revolves around the $1000 price tag, the MacBook Air has a lower-resolution, subpar performance, and a non-Retina display.


However, the new MacBook Air represents a proper replacement, being in line with the rumors released back in August that were first reported by Bloomberg. Now the Air has a Retina Display, its bezels are 50 percent thinner, and its design looks similar to the one offered by the standard MacBook. Also, its components received plenty of upgrades as well.

The screen featured on the MacBook Air has 13.3 inches and it stretches to the edge of the enclosure. You will also find a 3.5 mm headphone jack and two USB-C ports. Since it also weighs just 2.75 pounds, this laptop is lighter than the previous MacBook Air product that weighed in at 2.96 pounds.


This new Apple release will arrive with Touch ID powered by the same T2 chip found in last year’s iMac Pro and MacBook Pro models. You will use it to make sure that your logins are secured. However, its designer chose not to include the Touch Bar, which may make some new Mac buyers happy since they find this feature on the MacBook Pro unnecessary.

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