Red Dead Redemption 2 Proves to be a Big Hit on Social Media

After Red Dead Redemption 2 was finally launched by Rockstar Games on the 26th of October, the western game’s fans posted approximately 1.3 million posts on social media during that timeframe. This comes from Crimson Hexagon, a consumer trends and insights firm.


According to Crimson Hexagon, which analyzed the social media pattern occurred between the 21st and the 28th of October, the conversation peaked on the game’s launch date, having 148,000 positive posts.

What did the players feel?

The average sentiment is mainly positive, 76 percent of players being satisfied with the game, while 24 percent gave negative reviews. This counts as a form of explanation as to why everybody got mad at the negative reaction that came from Jeff Grubb regarding the systems of the game.

According to both Rockstar Games and Take-Two, this game represented the biggest weekend launch in their history, accumulating $725 million in revenues.

Why the negative vibe?

The negative sentiment is driven mainly by the animals found in the game. Particularly, it is related to the interactions with horses. That’s because it is kind of awkward to mount and dismount from these animals and it is quite easy to run into trees or rocks by accident while riding them.

Another funny bug is represented by the high chance of punching your horse when you accidentally use the wrong trigger in the PlayStation 4 version. More precisely, this happens when you hit R2 instead of L2.

The animal topic

According to Crimson Hexagon, the animal discussion is dominated by horses, being followed by bears. The horse discussion centers on riding them and their food. The top actions related to animals, however, are to shoot and hunt them. The most discussed in the category of person/object is a tie between rocks and UFOs. This means that Arthur Morgan isn’t as important anymore.

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