Clash of Clans – October Update Brought War Leagues & Tornado Trap

The October update for Clash of Clans was officially released a couple of days ago, and it brought some interesting stuff along. We are talking about Clan War Leagues, Magic Hammers and Tornado Traps, besides a range of balance changes. Read below to find out what’s new in Clash of Clans.

Clan War Leagues

This is the first update brought on by the October patch. Clan War Leagues will have eight teams participate for rewards of high levels. Soon after the release, the first round of the War Leagues took place, and they are set to happen on a monthly basis.

After you sign up to the game, you will be matched with groups of seven other clans. The war lasts seven days, and it will consist of one battle per day. In each day you will be able to choose a roster of 15 players who can be substituted when necessary.

Winners advance, losers go down. There are 18 tiers, and the starting one is based on the Village of the top 15 members of your clan. Instead of two chances, clans now have just one to attack. You can win a Hammer Magic Item or other exclusive decorations and Magic Items.

Tornado Trap

This is a trap that releases a vortex capable of drawing enemy troops in and slowing them down. Town Hall 11 upgraded to level 3 will allow you to use it.

Magic Hammer & Clock Tower Potion

The War League Shop displays this item that can upgrade troops instantly. Also, Heroes, buildings or spells can be improved too, without any resources being spent.

The Clock Tower Potion has been introduced as well, and it can activate the Builder Base Clock Tower boost, lasting 30 minutes.

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