GTA 6 New Launch Date Details Along with RDD2

The Rockstar Games Company had a huge success with GTA 5 and GTA online, making over $6 billion in the last 5 years so it is undoubtedly not to expect a GTA 6 release. The rumors say that the company is taking some time to release the new GTA game since they are busy working on launching Red Dead Redemption 2 on October 26th. Also knowing the success GTA 5 has, Rockstar might not want to make a rival from its own products by releasing GTA 6 after Red Dead Redemption 2, which is even possible to overcome one another. Spider-man and Darksiders III are already opponents in the market, so why increasing the number.

The release data of Grand Theft Auto 6 is all speculated and estimated by the facts and rumors fans put together since Rockstar Game did not give out any information. The game is expected on 2020 or 2022 knowing the amount of work and time it takes to develop and test the game and also the new console will be ready to come out after 2020, so it would be a good idea for Rockstar to launch GTA 6 in order to be compatible with them and make the fans experience better.

Some new locations such as South America will be added, if we listen to the rumors in which players can travel to complete missions. The true fact that is known about the GTA 6 is that the Rockstar project name for it is Project Americas, which means they started developing the game or at least make the plan.

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